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domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

Tenn Wolf !!

'Teen Wolf': Watch the fang-tastic new trailer -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

MTV’s TV series reboot of the classic ’80s comedy Teen Wolf, premiering on June 5 after the MTV Movie Awards, is set to be markedly different from the Michael J. Fox flick. For starters, there doesn’t seem to be a modern version of best pal and love interest, the awesomely named “Boof” (travesty!). Instead, the network is going for an edgier approach and hoping to attract the audience of two other supernatural classics. “When I first talked to MTV about it, I said what if we do it kind of like The Lost Boyswith kind of the pace and fun of Buffy,” exec producer Jeff Davis (Criminal Minds) told EW in February. “We’ve had comparisons to Vampire Diaires. That’s a very brooding melodrama. This exists far closer to Buffy.” Watch the three minute trailer below and judge for yourself: 

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